Catanzaro, Parco Romani in the future Enea masterplan: the Administration is looking for ideas for the relaunch


By John

Parco Romani and the Sala district, crossed destinies? One could say yes by looking at the context of urban regeneration and that of the future of city mobility, in which both have a potential role to play. At the moment it's more the neighborhood than the mega abandoned building. But it is not excluded that a chain effect could be created that could stimulate the possible recovery of what should have become a business and commercial park, which instead ended up in the vortex of bankruptcies and criminal, administrative and accounting judgements.
The key word is, therefore, regeneration in its double role: the one already included in the preliminary document of the PSC (which also contemplates the fate of Parco Romani) and the one at the center of the agreement with Enea, the National Agency for Energy Efficiency with which the Fiorita administration has signed an agreement aimed at making the capital an “opinion leader” for the promotion of energy efficiency and an urban laboratory for the Italian national program in Class A. In recent days, in addition to the mayor, the deputy mayor with responsibility for planning spoke about it with representatives of Enea. territorial Giusy Iemma (who is closely following the area of ​​urban regeneration) and the councilor for public works Raffaele Scalise.