Reggio Calabria, the city council approves the single programming document 2024-2026


By John

The Reggio Calabria City Council approved, during today's session, the Single Programming Document (Dup) for the period 2024-2026.

After the preliminary questions, during which the events concerning the increase in the cost of hourly parking in some areas of the city were raised, the closure of the premises that house the General Prosecutor's Office of Reggio Calabria and the subsequent reopening, and some aspects concerning the Bridge over the Strait, the city Assize immediately focused on the analysis of the Dup.

The “Lega Salvini-Calabria” council group, in fact, presented 32 agendas, 12 amendments, one observation, 43 recommendations and 106 suggestions, for a total of 194 annexes to the Dup. Seventeen, however, were the amendments proposed by councilor Demetrio Marino. One that of councilor Saverio Pazzano. Both the amendments and the agendas put to the vote were rejected by the Council.

The Single Planning Document, after a very long discussion, was finally approved with 17 votes in favor and 9 against.

Subsequently, we moved on to the approval of the point concerning the identification of the PEEP and PIP areas for the year 2024 and the agenda concerning the remedial acquisition of land occupied for the construction of the “extension of Viale Calabria, S section. Giuseppe Gebbione”. Still later, the Council approved the 14 points on the agenda regarding the recognition of the legitimacy of as many off-balance sheet debts.

As for the establishment of an investigative commission on cycle paths, the relevant item on the agenda, presented by the opposition councillors, was rejected by the city council.

Finally, with reference to the motion presented by councilor Massimo Ripepi regarding the increase in the cost of hourly parking in some areas of the city centre, the same was sent back to the competent commission, as there was not the necessary unanimity on the immediate discussion.

Compact majority: «Document that meets the needs of citizens»

Then, after a long discussion, which began in the morning and ended only in the evening, the Council of the Reggio Municipal Administration led by the Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà approved the Single Programming Document 2024-2026. A work that is the result of the commitment of the members of the First Budget Commission, chaired by the Councillor Pino Cuzzocreaand of the Third Territorial Planning Commission, chaired by the Councillor Giuseppe Sera, and illustrated in the classroom by the General Director Demetrio Barreca. Following the examination of hundreds of amendments, recommendations, observations and agendas presented by the opposition councillors, on the three-year plan, an integral part of the DUP, the intervention of the PD group leader Giuseppe Sera, in his capacity as President, was recorded. of the Third Commission.

«The objective was to meet the needs of the citizens with this Dup and with the budget document, with particular attention to the outskirts of the cities – he explained – We witnessed a great theatrical representation by the minority, although I thank councilor Minicuci for the amount of work he has done. Personally, I can understand constructive criticism, but not stonewalling. In the third commission we discussed the three-year plan for public works for five sessions. I do not agree with the partisan intervention of moving the works of the third year to the first year which obscures the work of a majority which was carried out, as I said, primarily in favor of the suburbs. This Administration has shown responsibility towards the families of Reggio, first and foremost with the remodulation of the Reggio Decree. I have heard accusations against this majority, but this way of approaching the council is probably generated by fear of our programming capacity, especially today that we do not have the reduced capacity that we have paid for for 9 years. A DUP today that is not a copy/paste: just look at the hiring with the new 130 jobs, the stabilization of as many units of employees that the Ex Multiservizi and LSU and LPU have been waiting for for years”.

«In the document – Sera then explained – we have added, as a political direction, three important innovations: the monitoring of the works of the Plan and the appointment of all the rups for the works and, following the realization or delays, the evaluation is made to the technicians of the sector. We also found 29 million from existing mortgages, contracts with the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, of which 24 million addressed essential services to citizens; other funds for roads (Condera, Terreti, Misiti, Gallico); there are still 600 thousand euros more in funds for schools compared to what was already spent last year. In summary, as regards the DUP, we must acknowledge the constant effort made by the structure of the finance sector, thanks to which we are dealing with it in April, instead of in July like last year. Finally we have reduced the indicators of the average delay from 50 to 37 days, this means that there is an alignment of the administrative machinery with respect to the political indications”.

On the Dup, the councilor Giuseppe Giordano: «After the sheet of observations and recommendations from the minority that we listened to patiently, we cannot forget the work of the commissions, the designated forum in which moments of more fruitful discussion should have found place. The majority presents a Public Works Plan which has an effort of rigor which also looks at the regulatory changes of the new contract code, to which it is linked for the rigor of the timetables”.

For Carmelo Versace: «The discussion in the Third Commission seemed to me to have taken place unanimously. We must record a disrespectful attitude towards President Sera who tried to involve us all. Personally, I thank Minicuci for his contribution even if, given the diversity of positions, we may disagree. The fact that we went from 50 days to 37 days by reducing the indications of delay is a merit, I thank the council and the councilors who are making a great effort. I thank councilor Lanucara for his collaboration within the municipal commission for responses to seaside resorts, work done together quietly, without rifts.”

The advisor Francesco Barreca specifies that «Over the years the procedures become shorter and narrower: the truth is that we are three months ahead of time compared to previous years. Thanks to the mortgages with 28 million recovered, we have set aside 6 million which can help us in case of any emerging problems. All works have the identification of funds to guarantee start-up and commencement on time and without problems.”

The councilor of the Democratic Party Giuseppe Marino finally presented a proposal, deposited and endorsed by the entire majority in which, regarding off-balance sheet debts (all approved by the civic assembly), especially regarding expropriations. «Considering that the City Council was convened for off-balance sheet debts caused by expropriation procedures dating back – concluded Marino – already subjected to scrutiny by the judicial authority, even for considerable sums, I ask that the General Director convene the conference of managers to analyze the pending and undefined debt positions, so that the study is transmitted to the city councilors, and that the managers are invited to pay maximum attention to the expropriation procedures so that there are no further additions in the future”.