Catanzaro, reshuffle in the council and crisis in the Democratic Party: Jasmine Cristallo breaks the silence


By John

A hot summer for the Catanzaro PD. To analyze the situation is Crystal Jasmineelected member of the leadership and of the national assembly of the Democratic Party and leading woman of the Calabrian party: “The overlap between the mismanagement of the Democratic Party in the capital and the reshuffle of the Giunta – she explains – has created an overload that has exploded contradictions that have been present for some time ».

More often than not, at all latitudes, when we talk about the Democratic Party we also talk about crisis.

«If we look at Catanzaro, let’s say that electing the leadership of some bodies with statutory forcing by entrusting them not to the “best” but to his associate sooner or later blows everything up. By adding institutional responsibility in addition to political responsibility, the short circuit was useful.”

A short circuit that led to the resignation of the city secretary.

«Resignation that I would define as an indecent ballet, which continues with the pathetic proposals to have him guide the transition up to the congress. It would be like entrusting the arsonist to put out the fire. A folly».

She was at the center, with Celia, of some controversies. Controversy, however, also with Ernesto Alecci.

«I considered his reflections surprising and unexpected, which clash with the goodwill and sense of responsibility manifested on several occasions by the provincial secretary and above all they are unacceptable because they reveal a “currently employer” conception of the party, undermining its autonomy with respect to the mandate elective”.

He spoke of “factors triggering chaos” and among these he also included the reshuffle of the council.

«Many of us, and for a long time, have expressed dissent towards this instrument typical of a dated political season which has never produced results. From a political point of view, then, I look with regret at the predictable and general negative reactions to enlargement. It is one thing to reach an agreement with a civic movement, it is another to do it with a centre-right party of national importance, led in Rome by the former minister Maurizio Lupi and in Calabria by Pino Galati, with members of the new council, all very respectable people, but with solid centre-right biographies.

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