Alarm from the United States: Moscow uses civilian spies to spread propaganda in the West. Prigozhin’s death remains a mystery


By John

L’Russian intelligence is carrying out a “systematic” program for the dissemination of pro-Kremlin propaganda through “civilian targets” in the United States and the West. Recently declassified US agency documents reveal this. In particular, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is reportedly attempting to influence Western politics and public opinion by sending seemingly independent Russian civilians to build relationships with senior figures in the US and elsewhere in order to spread a pro-Russia narrative. also in the media.

Russia investigates Prigozhin’s death, but the “mystery” remains

Moscow’s investigations into the mysterious end of the Wagner militia leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, remain open. A “mystery” that thickens as speculations multiply about the accident that caused the plane with the militiamen to crash in which, according to the official version, Prigozhin was also travelling.
To date, in fact, his death has not been legally confirmed by DNA tests made necessary due to the conditions of the bodies found after the crash.

Identification through comparative analysis of genetic material could, in fact, take several days since – according to the declarations of the medical examiner, Vladimir Skakun, relaunched by the Efe agency – it depends on the delivery of the samples by the close relatives of the deceased.
The website reports the doctor’s statements while also attempting to answer a series of questions from Russian public opinion: for example, on how and when the “hero” will be buried and whether he will “receive military honors”.
But to ask these questions and, even more so, to answer them, “it’s too early”, cuts the site short by venting the fact that the identification procedures could also “require weeks or perhaps months”.