Catanzaro, school in the Signorello area: Nuova Genesi meets the parents and the councilor Belcaro to analyze and solve the problems


By John

Last Monday the president Bruno Gallo and the vice president Andrea Critelli, representing the Nuova Genesi political movement, they met the parents of the young pupils of the school in the Signorello Sant’Anna area and the municipal education councilor Nunzio Belcaro. Meeting strongly desired by the families of the very young students, who have been in contact with Critelli for a few months to resolve some problems by interfacing with the Administration.

And this is the reason why, having finally had the ‘face to face’ meeting with the councillor, all the issues on the table were discussed: from the assignment of traffic auxiliaries for the entry and exit of children to school, around 90 , on a stretch of road with very high vehicular traffic, for which Nuova Genesi has also requested the installation of bollards, to the situation faced by the complex building where there are tiles that are chipped and temporarily fixed with tape. And again: from the broken autoclaves to the danger in certain points of the external courtyard and from the malfunctioning telephone lines to much more. Belcaro, for his part, has hired a fnormal commitment according to which, following meetings with the Land Management sector, a delegation of parents and exponents of Nuova Genesi, a timetable will be drawn up to fine-tune the various things that are not working.

At the end of the discussion, which Nuova Genesi deemed fruitful, the intent expressed by everyone was to eliminate these shortcomings also noted by the councilor. But we still made an appointment for a further meeting before starting the restoration work which Nuova Genesi will supervise, remaining in close contact with the families and the municipal institution and following the process step by step so that together we can resolve the issues serious problems emerged.