Morano Calabro, a roundabout built without authorisations. Three people reported


By John

As part of the control services of the Calabria-Lucania protected area, the Carabinieri Park Unit of Morano Calabro reported three people to the Judicial Authority: the designer and director of the works, the municipal manager of the procedure and the contracting company for the execution. of the works on the land falling within the Pollino National Park.

In particular, the soldiers – together with colleagues from the Cerchiara di Calabria unit – ascertained that a roundabout with concrete walls and the associated construction of a ditch and some curbs. This area, covering a surface of 950 square meters, had been completely asphalted. From the surveys carried out and the investigations carried out by the military, it emerged that these works had been carried out in the absence of a suitable authorization, and in particular in the absence of landscape authorization in the restricted area. These works also required authorization from the Pollino National Park, as thearea falling within the perimeter of the protected area, as required by the safeguard measures. Finally, from the checks carried out, it also emerged that the works already completed had been carried out by invading, albeit in a small part, some private land without the necessary expropriations.