Catanzaro Servizi, let’s start the comparison


By John

Meetings in sight on Catanzaro Servizi and on the new service contract that will have to be stipulated with the Municipality for carrying out the various activities. In fact, there will be no further extensions to the “contract”, the expiration of which was set at the end of May until next November 30th. The week that has just opened could bring news for the future of the investee company which just a month ago saw the installation of the new sole director, Gianluca Silipotook over from Rosario Munizza.
In fact, the definition of the new service contract should be at the center of a discussion between the administration of Palazzo De Nobili and the management: not only the contents need to be defined, which will largely be in continuity with the activities currently being carried out by of the in-house company’s staff, but also the formal aspect relating to the contractual form.
In fact, according to the findings made by the Mef at the end of 2019, there should be a contract between the Municipality and the company for each service offered: no longer an omnibus contract, therefore, in order to specifically define activities, tasks, costs and revenues. A change also aimed at having a greater correspondence between the “assigned mission” and the method of carrying it out. The objective is in fact to optimize the overall activity of the investee company which, in the objectives indicated by the Ministry inspectors themselves, must be “useful” to Palazzo De Nobili. Therefore, the mere activity supporting the offices, comparable to the administration of staff, is banned, and the doors are open, instead, to production in terms of carrying out services.