Fortitudo Basket Messina: “Ignored in the division of shifts to use the facilities”


By John

There Fortitudo Messinalearned from the federal president Cristina Correnti of the temporary assignment of shifts of use of municipal sports facilities for the 2023/2024 season, expresses “its regret that not having been informed in advance by the relevant municipal offices, it was not able to adequately highlight its needs for the current season, as other companies of the same level were legitimately able to do”.

The company continues: “We note that total equality of treatment between the various city sports clubs is only verbally promised, while, once again, this does not happen in practice. Several times, over the years, we have reported the urgent interventions needed by the PalaRussello in Vico Pietrasanta in Gravitelli. Work never carried out, unlike those carried out at the PalaTracuzzi in Via Roccaguelfonia at the request of other sports clubs. Regarding the PalaTracuzzi, we would like to remember how the request of the Asd Fortitudo Messina for the use of the facility, quickly approved for the Serie B, was completely ignored without any reason or response. Only our foresight in asking for the use of the Annunziata multi-purpose facility, owned by the University, in the absence of another municipal facility approved for Serie B that could accommodate us, fortunately prevented us from failing to register for Serie B and for this reason we thank once again the Magnificent Rector Cuzzocrea and Dr. Bosurgi”.

Meanwhile, the spaces at the PalaRussello available to Asd Fortitudo Messina have also been drastically reduced, due to the concession of use provided for two 5-a-side football clubs, “sport incompatible with the current conditions of the playing field which, moreover, would constitute a dangerous situation for the safety of the athletes themselves. In recent years, our company has played the role of leader for the Gravitelli facility, guaranteeing ordinary maintenance and without ever receiving any support or active intervention from the Municipality – recalls the basketball club -. Today, however, the PalaRussello absolutely needs massive and mandatory interventions to put the lighting system into conditions of normal use (to date only two lights out of 33 are functioning) and the basic instrumental equipment, which have never been replaced despite our repeated requests. requests.
The existing collaborative relationship with an institution such as the University for the use of the multi-purpose hall cannot and must not constitute a prejudice for the allocation of spaces within the municipal sports facilities which, we firmly reiterate, must be equally distributed among the many sports clubs that, with effort and sacrifices, carry out the same mission”.