Catanzaro, still worries about the single Zes


By John

There remains “concern” at Palazzo De Nobili for the fate of the single SEZ in the South and, in particular, for the prospects that concern not only the city territory but also the regional one. Already in the past months – it was the first days of 2024 – an alert had been issued from the regional capital municipality regarding the reform of the structure – which from 1 March unified all the pre-existing SEZs – with regard to its wide-ranging effects: from internal competition within the territories of the South themselves to the potential unknowns for urban planning, up to the tax credit. Fears which have far from been allayed over the course of these months if, even now, the single SEZ does not have a strategic plan.
The municipal councilor for economic activities Antonio Borelli, who had already raised the alarm last January, reiterates in a telephone conversation the delicacy of the situation, both in terms of administrative limitations and in terms of the limitations on the development potential of an instrument which over the years has undergone several changes, including on the in light of the benefits provided. Borelli starts from the need to continue to promote institutional dialogue to set up a tool that is truly suited to the needs of the territory.