Catanzaro, the doors of the “Ceravolo” open (finally): only the OK from Lega B is missing for Wednesday evening with Spezia


By John

Only the Lega Serie B official is missing, but Catanzaro will make their debut at the “Ceravolo” on Wednesday 30 August. Party and gala evening (the match is scheduled at 20:30) against one of the most accredited in the promotion, Spezia. In the early afternoon of yesterday, president Noto’s club received the green light for the stadium from the FIGC’s infrastructural criteria commission: «The Giallorossi club, having taken note of this decision, thanks the FIGC and Lega B for their cooperation, certain that from next Wednesday Catanzaro fans will be able to attend the home matches of their favorite team». The absence of thanks to the Municipality for the homologation work carried out is evident: the delay that caused the forced move to Lecce naturally triggered some discontent among the top management of the club, not even partially mitigated by the opening of the “Via del mare” in 1,500 Giallorossi fans.
A couple of hours after the club’s communication, Mayor Fiorita returned to the topic of work and ok at the stadium, underlining that he has “a clear conscience” and reiterating the arguments expressed so far: “We’ll have to wait another three days, starting Sunday, to reopen the doors of the “Ceravolo”. A handful of hours, but it is a postponement that causes us so much bitterness ». And again: «The Serie B League considered, in its autonomy, that it was necessary to wait for a further bureaucratic step following the decisions taken and communicated yesterday. A matter of hours, not weeks! We respect this decision, even if we continue to think that authorizing Sunday’s match against Ternana would have been a noble gesture». The former municipal and provincial councilor Giuseppe Pisano does not think the same way, who compared Fiorita to Roberto Mancini (“He wasn’t kicked out when he had to be, then he abandoned ship for more golden shores when the opportunity presented itself” ) and asked for the mayor’s “exoneration” for having “failed” to open the “Ceravolo” to the first internal tender. Councilor Gregorio Buccolieri replied in Pisano: «In these hours in which the attention of the city’s public opinion has rightly focused on the completion of the “Ceravolo” stadium and on the possibility of playing the matches of the Eagles in our glorious we have witnessed the triumph of looting».