Reggio, Confindustria lashes politics. The unknowns of the Pnrr worry Reggio entrepreneurs a lot


By John

The Pnrr and its too many unknowns for the South worries the president of Confindustria Reggio, ing. Dominic Old.
«It is shameful to sow panic in a territory that needs only certainties. How can one think of making cuts to Pnrr funds in an area where the Pnrr finds its widest application due to its particular exceptional characteristics. If these are the premises of a Mattei plan – writes the number 1 of the Reggio industrialists -, I believe that we must all go back to the history and economics books to understand what the Mattei Plan is or should be. And the solution that one would like to give to the problem appears even more serious, i.e. the use of sums from other sources, whether regional or national, which are instead absolutely necessary for the process of change in the territory in order to make it absolutely compatible with the demands of modernity and in step with the times, which is possible only by investing in absolutely necessary and indispensable resources. In any case, the proposed remedy is always a subtraction of funds from our territorial reality”.

Shameful silence

«Equally shameful – insists Vecchio – is the fact that this umpteenth attempt to snatch Fondi to the detriment of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria passes in the most absolute silence of the institutions of the territory. We, like Confindustria Reggio Calabria, are absolutely appalled by such behaviour, in an area like ours, which would need special and additional investments to those envisaged by the Pnrr and other national and regional sources, an area which would need cohesion politics of every order, degree and colour”.
Confindustria Reggio Calabria addresses “an appeal to the entire political class of every color, so that they wear the clothes of pride and belonging and defend, with all the weapons that democracy makes available, the territory of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria and prevent the umpteenth rips and umpteenth cuts to the future of our territory, never forgetting in the vision of the future that every cut to the development of the territory is a cut to the future of our young people, and therefore prevent them from seeing themselves live and work outside our earth because “here there is no future”. This slogan – adds Eng. Old – it’s becoming unbearable now. We cannot ignore this, which should be an absolute priority for everyone, because if we do not reverse the trend of depopulation, we sincerely cannot and will not have a future to deliver to our young people in this splendid land of ours”.