Catanzaro, the line is increasingly greener. Vivarini is believing in his young people


By John

Spring in Catanzaro started a couple of months early. It is from the beginning of the second round that Vivarini increased the use of under players, the green line who gave new boost Рand quality Рto a team that had finished the first leg a bit in decline. From the increased space of Ambrosino and D'Andrea to the confirmation of Veroli, twenty-year-olds are having more opportunities to roar and make an impact, as demonstrated by the growth in minutes played from January onwards, also in proportion to the time obtained from August to December. There is a warning to take into consideration in this analysis: compared to the first round, Catanzaro lost three unders due to force majeure (an injury, the transfer market), two of whom were among the most employed: the first is the midfielder Ghion, who the coach had never given up on (1,521 minutes on the pitch) until he had to due to the muscle injury suffered shortly before the resumption of the tournament; the second is the full-back Katseris, the surprise who had upset the hierarchies on the right (1.001 ') until he was sold to Lorient; the third, marginal, is the defender Krastev, chosen for just 62' in Reggio Emilia (and another quarter of an hour in the first return match against Lecco) before moving to Feralpisalò (via Fiorentina).
Excluding these last three, the other seven unders fielded by Vivarini put together a playing time in the entire first leg total of 2,963 minutes. The record holder, although limited by an injury in December, was Veroli: 902' in 12 matches, almost always as a starter. Following the defender owned by Cagliari were the midfielder Pompetti (609' in 12 matches), then Stoppa (403' divided into 14 outings), Ambrosino who became available a month and a half after the start of the championship (388' in 11 matches, debut at Samp on 1 October), then Oliveri (346' in 12), D'Andrea (270' in 12) and Miranda, last because as a central defender he was closed by the veterans Brighenti and Scognamillo and now he has Antonini is also ahead of him (45' in three matches).
In the return leg, however, there was greater consideration, as can be seen from the total playing time: 2,530 minutes, practically the same as the entire first leg, but with eight rounds still to go. Veroli leads the group in this case too with 687' in nine games, but the others follow him more closely. Pompetti played a total of 600' in ten games, therefore an average of one hour, Ambrosino 570' and is the only one used in all eleven outings of the second part of the tournament, D'Andrea has multiplied his presence on the pitch (376' so far) dividing it into nine matches, four of which as a starter, the last three in a row. Miranda also had more space (85' in three matches), while Oliveri (stopped by the resurgence of Situm at 125' in eight matches) and especially Stoppa, seen for 87' in four matches, of which one from the start, fell. Many more quality minutes, because if Ambrosino, D'Andrea, Veroli and Pompetti are in the starting eleven in a difficult match like the away derby, it means that Vivarini trusts them a lot.