Catanzaro, the regional councilor Pietropaolo (FDI): “Another 10 million euros from the FSC for the Medio-Savuto road”


By John

«After the 3.2 million euros that we managed to raise as the Calabria Region and allocate to the Province of Catanzaro for the completion of the works relating to the second section of the Medio Savuto road, between the “Soveria Mannelli Nord – Borboruso” junctions and the SS. 616 near the junction for Colosimi, which will allow us to overcome the problem of the unexpected increase in costs and proceed with opening to transit by next spring, we have had a sheet inserted in the Development and Cohesion Fund program with an allocation of 10 million euros for the completion of the stretch of road that reaches the SS616, and then connects to the Altilia Grimaldi motorway exit.” The regional councilor announced it Filippo Pietropaolo (FDI), who in recent days participated in the council room of the Municipality of San Pietro Apostolo, together with the vice president of the Province of Catanzaro Francesco Fragomele, at a meeting organized by the “La strada che non c’è” Committee to discuss the state and prospects of the important artery that crosses the Reventino. At the meeting, requested by the president of the committee Domenico Mazzto and from the vice president Pietro Folino, several mayors and administrators of the municipalities of Soveria Mannelli, San Pietro Apostolo, Serrastretta, Decollatura, Carlopoli, Bianchi, Panettieri, Gimigliano took part, as well as many citizens. «With the additional ten million euros from the FSC – continued Pietropaolo – it will be possible to complete the important road section that unites the provinces of Catanzaro and Cosenza, an intervention that has been awaited for years by the population and the many economic activities of this area».

For the completion of the artery, according to the initial design hypothesis, the most complex part remains from a technical point of view, which concerns the connection towards Marcellinara and the state road 280. A stretch for which there are no executive projects to date and for which a huge cost is expected, close to 500 million euros. Pending the possible procurement of these resources by the Minister of Infrastructure and the availability of Anas to build the road in a reasonable time, Councilor Pietropaolo proposed to dialogue with Anas to identify a solution that allows for an adaptation more quickly of state road 19, with the improvement of the current route and the creation of variants that allow the most critical points to be overcome, for example by bypassing the town of Tiriolo – crossing which considerably prolongs travel times – and thinking of a direct connection between this variant and state road 280.

«The implementation of these interventions – concluded Pietropaolo – in addition to having a decisive impact on the development of the territories of Reventino and Savuto, currently penalized by a substantial condition of isolation, has an important civil protection value, because it represents an alternative to motorway route in the unfortunate event of natural disasters”.