Catanzaro, trial by fire in Udine. Emergency in attack, out Iemmello and Ambrosino


By John

The Italian Cup to prepare for the championship. A Serie A team like Udinese to test the effectiveness of the work done so far. Catanzaro is ready for the trial by fire. Against the odds, with the awareness of being inferior to the opponents, but also with the will not to give up and show one’s technical, tactical and competitive skills despite heavy absences (above all that of Iemmello).
“We are in a growth phase in the sense that we are working to find the right balance, the balance, the solidity and we have to put into practice the various solutions tried”, said Vincenzo Vivarini after the finishing touches: “These are matches which, considering the imminent start of the tournament, must be played with the aim of trying to grow as a team. It is clear that it is a cartel match with a Serie A team, we will face a formation with players with a high technical rate, so this will be an extra stimulus for us, but what matters is to consider the challenge as a useful test to test our progress».
Catanzaro hasn’t faced the Friulians since the late 1980s and in Udine they only won once, 2-1, at the beginning of that decade. The Eagles popped up almost like in the first round with Foggia, decided by Curcio today flanked by Biasci in front. “We had a few problems during the retreat, but we worked very well and we hope to get to the start of the championship as we had planned,” explained Vivarini who left Iemmello and Ambrosino in Calabria and hopes to recover the first for the championship debut in Cremona. “Serie B needs a different workload, much more intense, just as there are different game solutions that need to be found,” added the coach.
Giallorossi with the basic 4-4-2 and Veroli in place of Krastev in defense: «Right now we have to think about introducing the youngsters one at a time, trying to give everyone the opportunity to make themselves known, but without running the risk of making people speak negatively in the event of some performance not being up to par, totally understandable at this stage. We tried against Foggia Krastev, now it’s Veroli’s turn: what matters most is that we don’t want to place too much responsibility on any of these young players who have recently joined the group».
On Sottil’s Udinese, lined up with a 3-5-2, Vivarini underlined that he had «studied the formthe attitude, consequently we have tried some countermeasures that we will see if they will be successful or not ».
Once back in Catanzaro, the coach will embrace Donnarumma, made official yesterday. «Forward we can count on Iemmello, Biasci, Curcio, who gave us great satisfaction last year, and on the new Giallorossi Ambrosino. However, they are not enough for a long and complex championship like that of Serie B: just think that at the start of the season we will have to play three games in a week without thinking about the injuries which, unfortunately, we have to take into account. That’s why we need level players who have gained experience in this league. Donnarumma is a profile that responds to this need: he knows how to score and can give us a lot of satisfaction alongside Biasci, Iemmello, Curcio or Ambrosino. What more is needed? Behind and on the outsides we are a bit “short”. You know how I feel, I would like to win them all. Something is still missing and we hope to fill the gaps ».