Catanzaro wants to grow further. Vivarini thinks big


By John

Close ranks and improve defense endurance. Or rather, avoid giving away all those opportunities with which Lecco reopened a match that seemed closed. In a practically spotless start to the championship – and God forbid, given the results – there is only one aspect that Vivarini was not happy with: the management of the final part of the Padua race because after dominating for an hour , as Catanzaro did, going 2-0, certain drops in tension and attention are not allowed. One thing was Serie C, where Iemmello and company exercised an at times embarrassing dominance. Another is B, where the balance is generalized and the inertia of a challenge can change in a matter of minutes. The way in which Lecco got back on track didn’t go down well with the coach. He himself, in the press room and in the following days, admitted it, underlining that even the players were not happy with what happened.
A good sign: if a team is not satisfied with a 4-3 victory it means that they can learn a lesson from their mistakes. It also happened last year, when partial setbacks (the 2-2 in Cerignola and Avellino, for example) were followed by very strong accelerations. “Correct mistakes and strengthen our principles,” wrote Andrea Fulignati on Instagram. Imagine if a goalkeeper who finished last season as the least beaten in all of Serie C could overlook the fact that he scored three goals in one go. «Maximum balance, this is needed to continue on our path», added the number 1. In short, an invitation to maturity and a sense of responsibility, feet firmly planted on the ground and the awareness of having to improve. Despite a first place in the standings (along with Parma) which doesn’t fool anyone in the locker room. Not that Catanzaro’s defensive phase has so far been insufficient. Indeed, even the goal conceded by Ternana was due to a great play on the Mantovani-Raimondo axis, it could have been avoided if only the rear line had been a few meters lower. Incidents that can still be there considering that in this category Vivarini has decided – rightly – to defend the system to increase solidity by avoiding exposing himself to man against man which in Serie B can reserve nasty surprises. In fact, against Cremonese and above all against Spezia, masterful answers had arrived and for sixty minutes even Lecco had received only crumbs. However, the drop in the last half hour cannot fail to have sounded an alarm bell for the possibilities guaranteed to the Lombards: the corner kicks from which the first two goals rained down, the turnover from which the 3 -4 final were naivety.
It is these ingenuities that Vivarini will try to correct in the long preparation for the clash with Parma. Built to go back to Serie A with a project that began a year ago, the Emilians will be the most difficult and therefore truthful testing ground for a team – Catanzaro – that doesn’t want to stop surprising.