Cholera alert, 3 thousand people stranded on cruise ship on the island of Mauritius. Fifteen people in isolation


By John

Mauritius has denied a Norwegian cruise ship permission to dock in the capital Port Louis over fears of a potential cholera outbreak on board after learning that at least fifteen people from the Norwegian Dawn had been placed in isolation due to suspected contagion. The BBC writes it.

Mauritian authorities said the decision to block the ship was “taken to avoid any health risk.” Passengers complained of mild stomach symptoms during the stop in South Africa, a representative for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings said. But a Dutch passenger on board told BN DeStem that the captain had told him there might be a cholera epidemic on board.

Cholera epidemics have occurred in southern Africa in recent months, with Zambia the worst-hit country. According to the United Nations, since January 2023, at least 188,000 people have been infected with cholera in seven southern African countries. More than 3,000 people died. “The health and safety of passengers, as well as that of the country as a whole, are of primary importance to the authorities,” said the Mauritius Port Authority. There are 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members on board the ship Approximately 2,000 planned to disembark in Port Louis, while another 2,000 would embark at the same time.