Citizenship income in Cosenza and its province, 5234 revocations ordered via text message


By John

The end of the state subsidy was certified with a simple text message. A “beep” on the cell phone announced the return to poverty, to the blackest misery. In our province, the stop to Citizenship Income affected a total of 5,234 people. Many, too many. And the unusual “notification” via telephone has, after the surprise, provoked justifiable reactions.

Which? The collective garrison of the municipal offices that deal with Welfare. In the city the phenomenon is growing and worrying. Mayor, Franz Carusothunders: «I register la manifest willingness to pass the so-called match of what risks becoming a social bomb in the hands of the Municipalities, regardless of whether they are led by centre-right or centre-left coalitions. And, indeed, a mayor is not and cannot be the secretary of a party, but is and must be the institutional representative of his entire community, taking charge of citizens’ rights and duties at 360 degrees. From this point of view, together with many other colleagues, I expressed a just and vigorous protest at the lack of sensitivity, as well as pragmatism, shown once again by the Meloni Government which, with cold detachment, not only did not absolutely consider the problem of leaving all the beneficiaries of the basic income, from evening to morning, without any sustenance, as it did not take into account the difficulties it would have caused to the welfare services of the Municipalities which are not able to take care of even the subjects who until yesterday they were managed by the employment centres, due to a chronic shortage of personnel and the age-old inadequacy of information technology». The chaos is just beginning.