Messina, full squad (perhaps) on August 15th


By John

The third test of this pre-season retreat, scheduled for today at 5.30 pm with Real Cotronei (Second category from Calabria), it will be useful for coach Giacomo Modica to evaluate the general physical condition of the group, pressed hard from an athletic point of view by the staff and by the trainer Delfio Restuccia. However, the biancoscudata squad remains largely incomplete, and it is Domenico Roma’s sporting director himself who confirms the need to insert another five pawns.
The first responds to the name of Federico Pacciardi, left-footed central defender born in 1995, released after the last two seasons with Recanatese. Already in the group for a few days, he has convinced the coaching staff and will probably be announced during the day. The package of central defenders is thus completed, with the probable holders Ferrara and Manetta, the joker Polito (also usable on the right, but tested by Modica right in the middle) and a fifth element to complete the department, probably the 2002 Matteo Darini, another aggregate. But from this point of view, DS Roma also has other cards to play. As for the left-handed lane, Alessio Pedicone remains in the group, but his membership appears to be bound to the definition of the negotiation with Giorgio Brogni, a talented left-handed player from the Atalanta school, who in the ideas of Modica and Rome should be the starting full-back. The alternative is represented by Antonio David, 2004 who would arrive from Cesena.
For the most important shots, those to be placed in midfield and in attack (three tracks open, including the one that leads to the usual Vincenzo Plescia), almost everything appears to be postponed close to August 15th, when the team will have already completed the retreat in Calabria. The negotiation with the full-back Marco Zunno, 2001 former Cremonese, Piacenza and Novara, remains in the process of being defined.
Meanwhile, in the morning, the Governing Council of LegaPro will formalize the three groups of Serie C: in the southern grouping the presence of an X is probable, linked to the possible repechage of Casertana. In the afternoon the calendar will be announced, news that is hand in hand with the work on the turf of the “Franco Scoglio”.
Messina could play their first official matches away and play on neutral ground at least one of the home games. For this reason, the club is waiting to know the timing linked to the delivery of the stadium in conditions suitable for holding the championship matches, with the Sport Commission which will meet on August 10th precisely to understand how to solve the problem linked to the conditions of the stadium. turf of the stadium of San Filippo.
«A sign of great attention from city politics – writes the Messina property in a press release – we hope that we can speed up the execution of the works and limit the inconvenience of corporate planning. Messina needs certainties about the start and end date of the works».
This is Messina’s current squad. Goalkeepers: Daga and Fumagalli. Defenders: Ferrara, Lia, Manetta, Polito and Tropea. Midfielders: Buffa, Frisenna, Giunta and Scafetta. Forwards: Cavallo, Emmausso, Iannone, Luciani, Ortisi and Ragusa.