Civil theatre, Luigi de Magistris on stage in Castroreale for the first stage in Sicily of “Instigation to dream”


By John

“I thought it was a common school event but instead watching this show shook me. I always tell my classmates that I want to be mayor of Barcelona to change what's wrong and, after today, I know I want to do it even more.” This is the reaction of Antonino Puliafitoone of the representatives of the “Medi” high school in Barcelona, ​​after having attended “Instigation to dream”, a civil theater work with former magistrate Luigi de Magistris as protagonist and narrator who perhaps could not have imagined a better “return” than in the words of the student for his first stop in Sicily, organized at the S. Salvatore auditorium in Castroreale.

Upon input from pro loco “Artemisia” represented by Professor Maria Concetta Sclafanithe lively collaboration of school director of the Institute professor Ester Lemmowith the introduction of Cristina Marra, artistic director of the Castroreale Mystery Festivalin front of over a hundred students from the various “Medi” schools, de Magistris recounted the salient stages of his history as a magistrate and politician, the difficult choices, the struggles, the falls, the uncomfortable and unsuccessful investigations, the whites, those links between mafias and politics that also poison justice, retracing his life, always illuminated by the beacon of the Constitution.

The narrative, with the dramaturgical adaptation of Andrea de Goyzuetathanks to an intense and very perfect musical accompaniment (on vocals Helen Tesfazghi; to the tools Paolo Sessa and Paolo Forlini) and exciting video-documentary parentheses set in Calabria and Campania (Carlo Iavazzo And Guido Molea to video and editing), unfolds on the experience of de Magistris in two particular periods: his stay as deputy prosecutor and prosecutor in Catanzaro, characterized and conditioned by the clash with a system of malfeasance that insinuated itself and became part of the ganglia of society ; the union in Naples, as a moment of impetus and civil commitment, inspired by the ardor and ideal of change.

“Time is a gentleman, but how much suffering in the meantime” de Magistris told the students when speaking about the latest developments in some trials in Calabria and the “revolution” of Naples, from the land of Gomorrah and rubbish to a city considered among the main tourist destinations in Italy.

De Magistris, who adapted the show for the occasion, wanted to leave a legacy to the students with a task, a “law of life” described by art. 3 paragraph 2 of the Constitution, a real incitement to dream of change, fighting every day, at any crossroads in life, to defend the public good and “remove the economic, social and cultural obstacles that prevent the full realization of the person human nature and the broadest participation of all in the democratic life of the country”.