Marina di Gioiosa, the pensioner injured by the tractor dies after 10 days


By John

The pensioner, Silvano Pugliese, 70 years old from Marina di Gioiosa, did not make it, who was seriously injured in an accident at work on 3 April. The man, in fact, had been “run over” by an agricultural vehicle he was driving. Despite the immediate intervention of the air ambulance, the transport to the Gom of Reggio Calabria and the surgical interventions, the pensioner from Gioio died after approximately 10 days in the intensive care unit. The multiple injuries and various wounds suffered in the tragic accident are too serious. Extremely serious injuries, particularly in the lower part of the body, which immediately after hospitalization had already forced the GOM doctors to subject the victim to a delicate and very long surgical procedure: amputation of the legs and further surgery on the lower part. of the belly.
From the investigations carried out immediately after the accident by the State Police officers of the Siderno police station and by the Siderno firefighters, it emerged that Silvano Pugliese was driving his tractor and was busy plowing a small agricultural land he owned. , located a short distance from his home in the Lenza district, when for reasons not yet fully clarified, the pensioner from Gioios found his agricultural vehicle on top of him.