Cold shower Onesie, there is only one question: Giuffredi, why? Words that mortify, gratuitous and cruel clarifications


By John

There is a world in which real things happen and a slightly more detached one, inhabited by passions, hopes and emotions. The fans, of any team, have residence in the second. Because, after all, dreaming and being able to believe that you are better than what you are… costs nothing, while remaining aware that the real planet is another. Your own team is the best possible, there is none. Here because mortifying these passions, belittling them, comparing them is an exercise as free as it is cruel. The words of Gennaro Tutino's attorney, Mario Giuffredi, go far beyond substance and belong neither to the planet of dreams nor to that of reality. They “pierce” them both.

The agent of the Cosenza striker (because since yesterday he is to all intents and purposes a Cosenza player and no longer a loan or a concession from others) behaved like those children who are uncomfortable during a party, who see others having fun, not they really manage to enjoy this joyful climate and so they decide to take the hose into the garden, watering guests and festoons; and then, not happy, they push the cake trolley and make it smash to the ground.

Because Giuffredi ruined the party of a people who may be passionate but are not at all stupid: he knows well that Tutino's redemption can only represent a step and be the antechamber to a transfer. He knows well that Serie A is better than Serie B (what's the point in underlining it with this peremptoriness?). He knows well that a 27-year-old boy, however much he is in love with a place that makes him magical, made up of people who have virtually handed him the mantle of mayor of the people, can and must legitimately aspire to take the last train towards that definitive consecration (missed too many times). And, then, it makes little sense to remind him, even less in that way.

Giuffredi chose the worst possible words to attack president Guarascio (who has never had great affinity with the players' agents, but this time he only had the “guilt” of exercising his right…) because then the splinters of these words as careless as they were out of place have stuck in the pride of the fans. Always those there, who live on an ideal planet, but also know the reality very well. All this putting his client in great difficulty, because Tutino really loves Cosenza even if ambition takes him (will take him) elsewhere.

So the question is one: why? Perhaps Giuffredi had done the math badly and was already rubbing his hands imagining large commissions elsewhere: in Cosenza, partly due to corporate habit and partly by choice, he will never earn them. Except that now he no longer has the ball in the game. He will have to deal with Guarascio who for the first time in his history as president of Cosenza seemed like one of the rossobl├╣ people. But now he must resist, especially after having equipped himself with a very precious shield like DG Ursino. And behind him he will have an army of enthusiasts aware that the owner this time did the right thing to fuel their passions, despite there being those with a fire hose who are trying to put them out just like that mischievous child.