Companies from Reggio Calabria conquer Marseille


By John

It is called “Marseille Project”, and it is the first attempt to project small and medium-sized companies in the metropolitan city area towards European markets. The idea was launched by the Reggio Calabria Chamber of Commerce, led by the president Ninni Tramontana, which a few last months opened a channel with the sister institution of the second city of France, and now aims to create a stable channel between the agri-food, catering and tourism companies of our territory with Marseille. A project that was facilitated by the direct air connection between the two cities, which Ryanair has guaranteed since the end of April, and by a historical link between our territory and the French metropolis. An ambitious project, therefore, an attempt to make known the charm of our province thanks also to the driving force guaranteed by the typical Reggio agri-food products.
«The project – explains president Tramontana – rIt concerns both the tourism and agri-food sectors. The idea was developed by our Chamber of Commerce with that of Marseille, with which we had already collaborated. So last April 18th and 19th we organized a workshop in Marseille to present the area called “Destination Reggio Calabria”. A business meeting in which our tour operators met the travel agencies of the French city. The choice fell on travel agencies because they also work with small groups, which are easier for our tour operators to manage at the moment.”