Coppa Italia Beach Soccer: first emotions at Capo Peloro, all the big teams advance


By John

The Capo Peloro nature reserve in the background and the Strait of Messina on the other side, this is the scenario that provided the backdrop to the matches of the Round of 16 of the Italian Cup Pointheart took place at the Beach Stadium Torre Faro. The eight qualified teams won without too much trouble. Happy Car Samb, Catania Fc, FVG, Alsa Lab Napoli, Città di Milano, Farmaè Viareggio, Lenergy Pisa and Catania deservedly reached the Quarter Finals. Today from 11:00 to 16:00 the matches for the reserve positions. From 17:15 the four decisive matches.

These are the pairings for the Quarter Finals:

City of Milan-Alsa Lab Napleshave met only once in the Cup, in the 2021 Round of 16. Overall, their previous meetings are tied, with one win each.

Pharmaceuticals Viareggio-FVG. First ever meeting between the two teams, after all FVG is in its second season in the LND circuit, the first in the Poule Scudetto.

Lenegy Pisa-Catania FC. They have already met seven times but only once in the Italian Cup, in the second round of the 2014 edition. The Etna team won. Catania’s only joy. All the other six challenges were won by Pisa. Catania-Happy Car Sambenedettese. It is the sixteenth time that the two teams that have always been protagonists of Beach Soccer LND have met. There are five precedents in the Italian Cup. Three times in the semifinals, in 2013, 2015 and 2021. The first time Samb celebrated, in the last two precedents Catania won. The only time that the two teams met in the Cup Quarterfinals dates back to 2019, when the Etna team won 4-3.

HERE results, scoreboards, standings and match schedule

HERE the live streaming schedule

Let’s rewind the tape of the Round of 16 film.

Before the refoundation of the Pontine club Catania-Terracina It was a classic that has been repeated for nineteen seasons. Since 2005, the two clubs have faced each other 37 times with only a break in 2023. Twenty-two wins for the Etna team, fifteen for the Pontini. The 38th challenge, the thirteenth of the Cup, was won by the elephant club that in the twenty editions of the history of the Cup has always qualified for the Quarterfinals. Catania won in the distance in front of an excellent Terracina that held up well for long stretches of the game before surrendering 6-2. After a slow start in the Championship, the new Brazilian Caique played his best game in Italy, scoring a hat-trick. The other Verdeoro Catarino supported the result. Perciamontani with two shots in the third period secured the victory. Among the Pontini, the first ever goal by Mauro Fia and yet another pearl by Duarte.

Energy Pisa easily overcomes (8-2) the difficult Brancaleone and advances to the Quarterfinals for the fifth year in a row, the seventh overall. The undisputed star is the Brazilian Hulk who, in his first season in Italy, has already demonstrated all his qualities. After five goals in three Championship games, Hulk scored four in the first round of the Cup. Also scoring were the Swiss international Ott and the youngsters Luca Remedi, Mirko Mori and Fabio Pugliese.

The Pharmacy Viareggio give some time to Sicily then it spreads. Since 2011, the boys now coached by Corosiniti have always passed the first round of the Italian Cup. The goal festival (10-1) was attended by Remedi (2), Gori (2), Remedi, Ghilarducci, Fazzini, the Portuguese Leo Martins, the Brazilian Ze Lucas and the Japanese green and gold Ozu. Gabriele Gori is pulverizing all records: 110 goals in the Italian Cup, 377 with the black and white shirt.

As in 2023, also in this edition of the Cup the City of Milan goes to the Quarter Finals. In the 5-1 with which the Milanese beat the Riccione The Spanish Batis was decisive, scoring a hat-trick. In his first season in Italy, the Iberian striker is surprising everyone. The goals of Ilardo and Savarese are as punctual as a promissory note, both always on target in the last ten seasons.

For the fifth season in a row theAlsa Lab Naples qualifies for the quarter-finals. The Vastese had to surrender 7-3. The Neapolitans kept the game in their grip from start to finish. Five different scorers highlighted Napoli’s team effort. As in the league, the new Brazilian signing Lucao also showed in the cup that he has a hot foot (two goals). Two goals also for the captain of the Italian national team Emmanuele Zurlo. Paolo Palmacci updated the record for goals scored in Serie A. Alla and the Spaniard Koeman continues to score regularly regardless of the competition. For Vastese, Pollutri scored his first two goals of the season.

In its second year of life on the official circuit, theFVG manages to pass the round with ease by handing out a clear 6-2 toIce Lamezia. After two interlocutory periods, the game heated up in the last partial with seven goals scored. A Swiss-style success. The Swiss Hodel (two goals), Schirinzi and Spacca scored. The latter is marking the first part of the season with fire (7 goals). The Brazilian Dmais, the 2023 promotion bomber (23 goals), also scored. A goal for Lasagna. For the Lametini, a double by the Brazilian Balinha.

Fourth victory for the rossoblù in as many direct clashes between Happy Car Samb And Genoa. Samb beats Liguria 7-3 and returns to the Quarterfinals after a year of absence. Genoa stops once again in the Round of 16. In the first two periods, Mister Di Lorenzo’s team scored two partials for 2-0, becoming unreachable for the opponents. Captain Addarii is the star, scoring a hat-trick. First goal of the season for the Italian Mascaro. Brazilian Bernardo scores again. Seventh goal for the Portuguese Raphael.

The Catania Fc wins by default 10-0 due to the absence of Seatram Chiavari. The Etna team returns to the group of the best eight in the Cup after two seasons of waiting.



*live streaming on the official LND YouTube channel



Thursday 27th June

Happy Car Samb-Genoa 7-3
Seatram Chiavari-Catania FC 0-10 (on the table)
FVG-Icierre Lamezia 6-2
Alsa Lab Napoli-Vastese 7-3
City of Milan-Riccione 5-1
Farmaè Viareggio-Sicily 10-1
Lenergy Pisa-Brancaleone 8-2 Catania-Terracina 6-2



Friday 28th June

(9th/16th place)

Race 11: Ice Lamezia – Sicily h: 11:00
Race 10: Seatram Chiavari – Brancaleone h: 12:15
Race 9: Genoa – Terracina h: 14:45
Race 12: Vastese – Riccione h: 16.00

Main scoreboard

Race 13: City of Milan – Alsa Lab Napoli* h: 17:15
Race 14: Farmaè Viareggio – FVG* h: 18:30
Race 15: Lenergy Pisa – Catania Fc* h: 19:45
Race 16: Catania – Happy Car Samb* h: 21:00


Saturday 29th June

Semifinals 9th 16th place

Race 17: loser race 9 – loser race 12 h: 9:30
Race 18: loser race 10 – loser race 11 h: 10:45
Race 19: Winner of race 9 – Winner of race 12 h: 12:00
Race 20: Winner of race 10 – Winner of race 11 h: 14:00

Main scoreboard

Race 21: loser race 13 – loser race 16 h: 15:15
Race 22: loser race 14 – loser race 15 h: 16:30
Race 23: winner of race 14 – winner of race 15* h: 20:00
Race 24: winner of race 13 – winner of race 16* h: 21:15


Sunday 30th June

loser race 17 – loser race 18 (15th/16th place)
winner race 17 – winner race 18 (13th/14th place)
loser race 19 – loser race 20 (11th/12th place)
winner race 19 – winner race 20 (9th/10th place)

Main scoreboard

loser race 21 – loser race 22 (7th/8th place)
winner race 21 – winner race 22 (5th/6th place)
loser race 24 – loser race 23 (3rd/4th place)
winner race 24 – winner race 23 (1st/2nd place) LIVE DAZN