Reggio Forza Italia capital, Occhiuto’s announcement: “The candidate for mayor will be from FI”


By John

They return to the same square after a handful of weeks to celebrate a success that has brought the Azzurri party not only to elect MEP Giusi Princi but to mature an unprecedented result. 86340 preferences «that make of Reggio the capital of Forza Italia» thunders Governor Roberto Occhiuto from the stage in Piazza Duomo. The trust of the Reggio voters in the party must be rewarded. «We want to pay off that debt». How? «Reggio must have an authoritative role and so we will not have the next candidate for mayor of the city chosen outside of Reggio and especially outside of Forza Italia» maintains Occhiuto. «The tone – he says, undoing his tie on stage – is not that of the electoral campaign, today we are celebrating a party, a victory». But the next challenge with the ballot boxes in the city of the Strait has long been at the top of the political agenda of the party that has recorded a record number of votes in the Reggio area. «They thought we were dead after the death of Berlusconi, we have shown that we know how to grow. Of course – continues the president, addressing the square – we have chosen well, an extraordinary candidate appreciated by all. Even the minority councilors in the Regional Council today recognized by hailing her the great work she has carried out in these two and a half years: a true excellence. Of course I will miss him as vice president.”