The electoral campaign in Vibo is over, the images given to the city by Tonio Verilio remain


By John

A story within a story. After the election campaign, which seems to have little enthusiasm for the capital that has shown, however, that it wants to change pace, there are those who have immersed themselves in the election campaign with their “lens”. A story made of images that, day after day, have taken shape. With irony, sagacity, elegance. Art that has become satire. Satire that has become history.
Pages of a book where words were not necessary. The photographs spoke, shots of the events that followed one another and that intertwined with the personalities who lived them, with their political paths.
Tonio Verilio, historical photographer of Vibo, delivered his “story” to Vibo. Images that gave voice to the characters who were involved in this electoral campaign. He who made photography an art. A moment in progress. An ongoing research. Between culture and innovation.
The beginning as a boy, the curiosity of a child who at eight years old received his first camera. Then, at 17, that passion that grew with the first shots taken of the family, of his sister; that passion that you feel inside and that is alive in his photos. Small steps, a lot of apprenticeship. An immersion in magazines, in fashion, among the great stylists. And, then, the love for Versace, but above all that rebellious flair that has always vibrated and still vibrates in Verilio who in the Krom studio, day after day, lived that passion to the full. “You have to know how to tell a story – he explains – don’t think about money, because without passion you will never be successful. All the greats started from the bottom, from difficulties, but they believed in a dream and built something”. That’s what he did “and this is the only way to do something unique, something of your own”.
And that’s how he started telling stories about Vibo. Already in the 80s and 90s when he “immortalized” the stories of the kids in the square. Stories that flow today. Together with the new ones, those that he collects every day. Observing. Because the real shot is the one that Verilio manages to do. The eye that goes beyond. “Photographing means documenting, there are photos that have marked history, because they immortalize the places, what then changes and the photos remain for those who come after.” With this spirit, in fact, Verilio follows the events of the city and has followed all the candidates, the events, the presentations. “Social media is a language today. There are thousands of photos, but it’s as if everything passes.” Telling, however, is his goal. Leaving this time to those who will come.
And in this journey irony has been the protagonist, also thanks to the experimentation that makes Verilio a unique artist in his genre. Armchairs, clocks, colors have marked the electoral campaign. From Romeo to Cosentino to Muzzopappa and up to the candidates for councilor. A rainbow of feelings and games, which he has collected and given to the city and that goes beyond the borders, considering the following of the photographer from Vibo. Because art can make the difference. A question of culture. Through images that move, make you smile and reflect.