Corigliano Rossano, public green: the two workers come down from the roof after 4 days. Meeting with the prefect on Monday


By John

After four days, the protest of the two workers who last Monday in Corigliano Rossano had climbed onto the roof of a school, threatening to throw themselves into the void, as a sign of protest against the dismissal ordered against them by Ecoross, has ended. the company that manages the maintenance of public green areas in the center of Cosentino. The decision was taken by the two workers after the prefect of Cosenza, Vittoria Ciaramella, called a meeting for next Monday to examine the dispute.

The meeting request was made to the prefect by the provincial secretary of the basic unitary confederation, Bruno Graziano. Among others, the administrator of Ecoross and the mayor of Corigliano Rossano, Flavio Stasi, were invited to participate in the meeting scheduled for Monday.