The photo of the engaged couple who survived the rave massacre: “We thought it was the last kiss, we wanted to leave a memory of our love”


By John

Amit Bar And Nir De Jornoan engaged couple from Israel, shared a touching moment through a selfie while trying to escape the terrorist attack at the Re’im rave.

Hidden among the vegetation and under threat, they took a photo of each other while exchanging a kiss, wanting to leave a memory of their last snapshots of love in case they didn’t survive.

Amit shared the photo on Instagram with an emotional message, highlighting the love and support for each other in a time of terror and thanking Nir for protecting her. During the escape they lost contact with their friend Ziv, who they have no longer heard from, and Amit shared another photo hoping that someone can provide information about him.

Here is the text of the post: “My love… We still can’t explain what we experienced there without Ziv, and until he is home, nothing will be over. But we are here by miracle. It all started with the missiles, it was distressing but I managed to encourage myself by thinking : What is the probability that a rocket will fall right on me? Everything will be fine. We tried to escape in the car until everything was blocked, everyone was trying to escape. Then we waited a moment for it to calm down, we lay down so as not to get hurt. bad but then people started running and shouting that there were terrorists. We fled like sheep to the slaughter, running into the fields, and you just dragged me by the hand. We hear the bullets whizzing by us and people just fall and those damned terrorists follow us, surrounding us on all sides with motorbikes, trying only to kill. When I tell you that I have no strength left, you tell me that we have no choice and we must continue to flee.”

“We were trying to hitchhike, but you said walking was safer. We didn’t stop running until you, me, and Ziv got separated, and the two of us hid in the bushes. The shots went overhead our heads, I never knew what the whistle of a shot sounded like, the terrorists passed by us shooting wherever they could and we did everything we could not to move, to remain silent. Suddenly, you decided to take a selfie, I was to get angry, I didn’t understand what it had to do with that moment, but I thought that at least if we died, our families would have a memory that we loved each other until the last moment. You protected me with your body and I think of all the other couples with a different end than ours… The atrocities there are not fully felt and what we experienced is inconceivable; our constant prayer is that Ziv can come home with us.”