Corigliano Rossano, the verification of the electoral results slows down political operations


By John

The verification by the Central Electoral Office could end tomorrow, a day earlier than expectedsettled in the municipality of Corigliano Rossano, of the electoral results of the 16 lists through the analysis of the minutes of the 79 sections distributed throughout the municipal territory. A requirement, that of verifying the electoral data coming from the polling stations, required by law, at the conclusion of which all the political and institutional initiatives will begin, starting with the proclamation of the mayor and the elected representatives. Meanwhile, at the moment it is not known what the mayor’s moves will be regarding relations with parties, movements and councilors to keep the majority solid.
In the last electoral round, all the civic lists of the coalition in support of him, apart from Corigliano Rossano Domani which had specific references in the city council from center and right-wing exponents of the urban area of ​​Corigliano, were a direct expression of his political action carried out before as an environmentalist and protester and then as an opposition municipal councilor. Today, however, the council is more varied both due to the presence of lists containing candidates and city councilors of different backgrounds, many of whom come from the minority groups of the last civic assembly and also from movements close to the then Corigliano Rossano Domani movement .