Corigliano Rossano, while waiting for the first council, Stasi is working on the new council


By John

While we await the final data to start the second council meeting, the mayor is already busy with the construction of the new council. In any case, while awaiting the installation of the 24 elected councilors and the mayor, analyzes and curiosities continue to emerge on the outcome of the administrative vote in which the mayor prevailed Flavio Stasi on the centre-right coalition which, united, tried to demolish the political project of the centre-left Civico party coalition, but to no avail. In the meantime, the statement from the candidate for mayor has arrived Pasqualina Straface who in the meeting in the secretariat in Via Nazionale di Corigliano Scalo with the candidates of the coalition that supported her, announced that she would sit on the new municipal council to carry forward her qualifying political experience by making an appeal to the elected representatives: «Let's build an alternative».
Meanwhile, the data shows that the most voted councilor is a woman. This is Rosellina Madeo, former council leader of the Democratic Party, who ran as a candidate on the “Free City” list of the Stasi coalition and was elected to the provincial council in the last provincial elections.
Furthermore, it should be specified and reiterated that the candidate Pietro Lucisano who was indicated among the likely elected candidates on the first day of the counting is the only councilor elected with 800 votes from the “United for Corigliano Rossano” list of the coalition in support of Straface. Lucisano had already been a municipal councilor in the then municipality of Rossano and today, according to the data that emerged the day before yesterday, he is the most voted councilor of the entire coalition in which 9 councilors were elected (including the candidate for mayor Straface) out of 24.
Also as regards the candidate of the Stasi coalition, Cesare Sapia, among those eligible for election on the day in which the vote was underway, it is necessary to reiterate and confirm his election in the “Corigliano Rossano Futura” list which won 2 seats, reporting 551 preferences. Sapia is an outgoing city councilor elected five years ago on the same list. Consequently, the two municipal councilors, Antonio Sanzi, candidate on the same list as Sapia, despite having received 506 preferences, is the first of the non-elected on the list, and Pietro Mingrone, outgoing municipal councilor and former group leader of “Corigliano Rossano Pulita” in which is a candidate, he was the third of those not elected.