Cosenza aims to regain victory against Sudtirol


By John

Put Brescia behind you. Fabio Casertaon the eve of this afternoon’s match against South Tyrol he made no proclamations, inviting the environment to remain calm and united and above all to look forward because ultimately a positive result is enough to start again by recovering the enthusiasm that certain bad performances inevitably extinguish.

Of course, the last photograph of Cosenza at the moment remains the not beautiful one of Brescia but the coach will handle it without being overcome by disappointment: «I am aware – he states – that we did not have a good second half. In a long championship like this, however, I am sure that there will be other parts of the game in which we will repeat gray performances. We cannot believe otherwise. Then we must understand that it is essential to adapt to difficulty. The result is important but I am convinced that the performances are too. We need to get closer to Cosenza seen with Modena, in this case it will be easier to reach the points and move the table. However, we must be honest and admit that Brescia did not gain control of the match at the “Rigamonti”. He found the goal with a good combination, then Sgarbi’s expulsion changed the momentum. If we had taken advantage of the chance with Tutino at 0-0 we could have analyzed a totally different result. The score conditions the analysis. In Venice we took a point and suffered the most. We have to be good and exploit what we produce.”

The group had two weeks to eliminate the toxins of the first intense phase of the championship and work on the tactical aspect: «We have developed the project linked to the 4-2-3-1 for a long time but in recent days we have looked around, trying other solutions. There is a great abundance of choices, this allows us to change the game system. We can also do it during the match by taking advantage of the flexibility of at least four players. Marras, for example, can play both on the wing and in a more central position. We will also decide based on the opponent. I think it’s important to think above all about our game and what we want to do.”

And he adds: «I don’t rule out any solution. Marras, Tutino, Canotto and Forte can play at the same time but I have to see the team’s ability to support this system. To do this, the attackers must become the first defenders when not in possession. This is an extremely important ingredient. We need a group capable of sacrificing themselves. However, I admit that I have exceptional kids. Everyone trains to the max. We must maintain a soul and fight for every ball, we are absolutely aware of this.”

Then on Sudtirol: «A year ago he did very well and he is confirming himself. We know Bisoli very well and we are certain that he too has studied us down to the smallest detail. It will be a complicated match against a tough opponent, who possesses both physical and technical qualities. We will have to pay attention to the second balls. and be good at surprising them. Sometimes – concluded Fabio Caserta – matches are decided by free kicks. Therefore, it will be up to us to concede little in terms of defense and capitalize on them as much as possible when it is our turn to exploit them.”