Cosenza, appeal test for Caserta


By John

The final reflections around Fabio Caserta will end today, but eight days after the defeat on 26 December against Como and a few hours after the resumption of training, a turnaround at the helm of the technical leadership appears increasingly unlikely. The analyzes are not yet complete, barring unimaginable tsunamisthe coach of Melito Porto Salvo will direct the session with which Cosenza will resume working in 2024.
Compared to what was initially reported, the Sila group will gather in the city this evening and will only hold the inaugural session of the new year tomorrow. Caserta will have ten days to resolve the issues that have accumulated in the last weeks of 2023.
After the decline that dropped the rossoblù to just one point from the playout zone, the pressure around the coach remains very high. In a delicate phase and after the assessments just carried out in via degli Stadi, the next matches against Cremonese and Venezia could be followed by further reflections. The position of the former Benevento player, already called into question after the defeat against Cittadella when sporting director Roberto Gemmi did not come up with a strong defense, was weakened even more by what filtered following the internal kappaò with which the Bruzia team completed the first round. A sword of Damocles will continue to hang on the shoulders of the coach, who will need to reap positive results and group cohesion to get out of the corner.
Caserta’s ally could become the transfer market, officially started yesterday, provided, however, that Cosenza manages to carry out some important operations in a short time. The greatest need is on the low defense lanes. If no reinforcements arrive within the “Zini” confrontation, it will be up to one of Rispoli and Cimino on the right out and D’Orazio on the left. For the match against the well-equipped Lombard team, Aldo Florenzi and Mateusz Praszelik, absent from the “Boxing day” because they were disqualified, will also be available again.
Regardless of the market, there could therefore be some new faces in the starting eleven. In the midfield we also expect the return of Federico Zuccon, who was excluded from the kick-off against the Como team. Manuel Marras will then be added to these. The Genoa winger returned to the pitch in the second half of the last round of the first round and will now have just over a week to get back to top form. Finally, the conditions of Luigi Canotto, who is out of the match against Ternana onwards, must be evaluated. Regardless, however, the market will be a revolutionized Cosenza.