Cosenza, bikes stolen and thrown into the Busento river. Recovered by the Municipality


By John

The summer has not yet gone away and the city is fortunately invaded by groups of tourists who observe the beauty of the area, the most evocative corners, the works of the open-air museum in Corso Mazzini, under the skilled direction of expert guides.
Among the monuments that have been under observation these days until yesterday, however, there was one that annoyed the eye of the attentive enthusiast and surprised that of the seasoned photographer in search of interesting shots. Thus it is easy to be immortalized in front of the two “Bronzes” by Sasha Sosno and the “Sette di Cuori” by Sosno or “Hector and Andromache” by De Chirico. But also stopping on the Mario Martire bridge, at one of the two entrance gates to the historic center, to photograph those two bicycles thrown by who knows who into the bed of the Busento river. Two mountain bikes that from afar look almost new. Probably, they were stolen from their rightful owners. The thief then decided to get rid of it in the worst possible way: by defacing nature.

Yesterday, after the inspiration offered by Southern GazetteMayor Caruso ordered the removal of the bikes in question from the riverbed.