Cosenza calls together the fans and launches the season ticket campaign


By John

«It’s red and blue». Cosenza calls together the entire province in view of the next season. The Silan company yesterday unveiled the season ticket campaign, which will start this afternoon at 4pm at the store in via Arabia (in the next few days the sale will be extended to the box office, retailers and online). Past course subscription prices have been confirmed. This year, the sale will also be extended to the B and “Rao” sectors, excluded in the past due to the closure of both. The redevelopment works carried out before the derby with Catanzaro and following, as well as those that will follow, will guarantee a better view from August onwards.
Furthermore, by July 15th, old subscribers will be entitled to a 15% discount. In addition to enjoying the pre-emption for the “Rossoblù Day” (the season ticket consists of 18 matches because the special day, certainly scheduled for the match against Catanzaro, is excluded from them). Special discounts also for families (two subscriptions by a family unit entitle you to a 10% discount, three to one to 15% and 4 or more to 20%) and for university students (10% upon presentation of the university card ).
In presenting the campaign, Eugenio Guarascio’s club made a note of considerable importance. The Sila team want to experience a high-voltage tournament: «A year closed with a crescendo, a new season began with renewed ambitions. Cosenza calls together all its fans, from the city, from the province and from all the places (the whole world) where a rossoblù heart beats to experience together – as protagonists – the seventh consecutive Serie B championship”. Words with which the Sila association undertakes to give a championship with serious prospects, at least judging by the message conveyed and already anticipated by the redemption of Gennaro Tutino. The Via degli Stadi team is confident of recording different numbers compared to the past. The season ticket campaign, on the banks of the Crati, did not particularly resonate with the fans. The numbers have always been modest, far from other places, more attentive to signing up for the annual membership card. An almost anomalous case but consolidated over time. A year ago, the sale ended with just over 700 detached subscriptions. As mentioned, the company maintained the same prices as a year ago.
Curve Sud “Bergamini” and “Catena”. New subscription: 240 euros (Lupacchiotto 20). Old subscriber: 204. Single coupon: 16 (Lupacchiotto 2). Grandstand A: 375 (Lupacchiotto 60); 318.75; 28 (Lupacchiotto 5). Grandstand B: 275 (Lupacchiotto 60); 233.75, 20 (Lupacchiotto 5). Full “Rao” grandstand: 350 (Lupacchiotto 130) 297.50; 26 (Lupacchiotto 10). “Rao” grandstand reduced: 275; 233.75; 20 (Lupacchiotto 10). “Bruno” South grandstand: 500 (Lupacchiotto 130), 425; 40 (Lupacchiotto 10). “Bruno” South grandstand reduced: 400; 340; 32. Central blue grandstand: 900 (Lupacchiotto 200); Integer 765; 65 (Lupacchiotto 15).