Cosenza, Florenzi found again: he is the extra weapon in the last eight championship games


By John

Aldo Florenzi he will try to take advantage of the last eight chances that the championship offers him to return to the center of the scene and make people admire his plays, which proved decisive several times when he took off from the rossobl├╣ youth sector, before the Cup match Italy in August 2021 against Fiorentina.
His performances for over a year now have been affected by the physical problems that have plagued him. The Sardinian born in 2002 wants to make up for that lost time. A few months ago she changed agent, after the breakup with Ermanno Cordua he also chose to rely – like other elements in the squad – on Vincenzo Pisacaneand he is more eager than ever to find his best version to return to being talked about forcefully during the next summer transfer market.
In short, its relaunch phase is fully underway. In the two matches played before the break, Florenzi found his place as a starter twice in a row. An almost unprecedented fact this season. In fact, only twice had it happened: the first time in the matches against Parma (90' on the pitch) and Bari (45') and then again against Sudtirol (71') and Pisa (56').
Now he has raised his hand and proposed to bring the light back to Cosenza, as he did when he surprised everyone with the brutal impact he had on the Sila's tactical mechanisms. With Cittadella he remained on the green lawn until the end, involving Maniero at the end of the match against “Marulla”, while with Ternana he instead “lasted” 67 minutes.
For Viali it is an additional weapon since it can become a sort of Swiss army knife capable of changing position on the pitch and redesigning the game system without having to make any changes. The club also hopes to see the real Florenzi again to see the relaunch of what remains in all likelihood the most important asset of Via degli Stadi, considering his age, contractual duration and ability demonstrated in Serie B.
Compared to the past, when many of the expectations were placed on him, he is no longer as crucial as he was then in the “prayers” of the fans, who saw Tutino, Marras, Antonucci as the main recipients of their faith. And perhaps it was also this “drop in expectations” that made him feel less important, put in a corner.
In the eight days that separate Viali's group from the finish line, however, their qualities and “smile” will be needed to reach the goal. His ability to create superiority through dribbling is a factor that Cosenza needs to be dangerous in front of goal and realize the amount of play produced up to the attacking midfield. He will also have to try to start his own business and get a taste for goals again.
The only three of last season, against Modena, Palermo and Parma, they ended up under a pile of dust. However, three very heavy goals to achieve just as many narrow successes.