Cosenza, “Marulla” stadium towards the turning point after the signing of the agreement. Official Marras


By John

A gestation that lasted more than two months. Yesterday morning at noon the final word was signed on the fourth floor of Palazzo dei Bruzi of the agreement for the concession of the “Marulla” stadium and its appurtenances to Cosenza football. On the one hand the councilor Damiano Covelli, the manager Francesco Giovinazzo (sector 3, Heritage and recreational sports facilities), the engineer Pietro Filice, one of the best technicians (public works and sports facilities) of Palazzo dei Bruzi; on the other the administrator of the rossoblù club, Roberta Anania, and the administrative director Daniel Inderst, accompanied by the head of the press office, Gianluca Pasqua. The draft (on which the delegate for safety and event management of the via degli Stadi association, Luca Giordano also worked a lot), touched and retouched several times, based on the needs and suggestions of the parties, after the council resolution, had been approved days ago by the civic assembly. And it was also the subject of controversy when the president Eugenio Guarascio had to desert one of the appointments in the Town Hall, sending the mayor into a rage (he was invited to Sunday’s match against Sassuolo) who did not send them to tell the rossoblù patron. Smiling faces, however, yesterday morning, in councilor Covelli’s room for the signing of the document which entrusts the stadium to Cosenza football for the next five years. Fee of 90,000 euros (7,500 per month, quarterly installments in arrears) plus a percentage (3%) of tickets sold when the 10,000 coupons are exceeded, of which not even a cent will enter the City’s coffers. The money will be used to carry out the works needed by the plant. In the hope that the Region will meet the municipal administration’s request to finance the restyling of the Bruzio stadium: the sum identified by the Caruso executive is around nine million euros, but the governor Occhiuto, after appearing to be open (the Municipality of Cosenza speaks of specific commitments undertaken in recent months) is responding spades.
With the agreement, the Municipality grants Cosenza Calcio the use of the primary field, the secondary field, spaces outside the main rectangle, changing rooms and related services, warehouses, spaces outside the stadium, grandstands with adjoining bars, internal car parks, the premises they house the social headquarters, the press room, the athletics track, management and cleaning of the municipal streets on pre-filtering on match days, former changing rooms under grandstand B. Cosenza football thanked the Administration for the availability shown. Ordinary maintenance entrusted to Cosenza football, the extraordinary one to the Municipality. The agreement provides that the Company (if feasible and with the prior authorization of the Municipality) can carry out works and provide for the unbundling of the rent.
But now that the bureaucratic process has ended, the thing that is most pressing to address is that relating to the reopening of grandstand B. Prof. Porco dell’Unical, on behalf of a spin-off, has carried out investigations whose results will be made available to Cosenza football for the appropriate evaluations, after which if no impediments arise, once Palazzo dei Bruzi has been heard, we will have to proceed to the works necessary to allow the reopening of the historic sector. Interventions are also planned to improve the grandstand and press room. For Cosenza football (but also for the Municipality) it is a very important investment in the future. “The conditions for a profitable synergy with the municipal administration are being strengthened”, reads a note released in the evening by Cosenza football. Now they await the facts.

Official signing of Marras

Cosenza announces that it has acquired the right to the player’s sports performance Manuel Marras, coming from SSC Bari, with the formula of permanent transfer with an agreement until 30 June 2025. Even the striker, born in Genoa on 9 July 1993, joined the rossoblù project after the experience he had last season which saw him as a protagonist from the month of January with sixteen appearances, one goal and three assists.