Cosenza, Palazzo dei Bruzi: the opposition criticizes the Pd-M5S double standard


By John

The double standard of the national center-left is on the agenda of the opposition at Palazzo dei Bruzi. Caruso, Cito, D'Ippolito, Dodaro, Luberto, Lucanto, Ruffolo, Spadafora and Spataro agitate a case ignored by the leaders of the broad camp after the judicial storm that overwhelmed the two sides in Puglia. But the moral question from Bari to Cosenza seems to fade into silence: «Will Conte's bar and Schlein's level of intransigence reach Cosenza? What position will the two leaders take in the context of our city where there is certainly no shortage of currents and where among the benches of the council, sitting side by side with the indicated delegates of the Democratic Party and the M5S, there is a councilor on trial because he is believed to be a participant of a criminal association aimed at illicit gaming with machines and fictitious registration of assets, with the aggravating circumstance of mafia activity? Until now, these circumstances have not disturbed the political serenity of the two forces of the current city administration at all: not a comment, not a reaction to the matter, except for the applause paid to the interested party when he was released.

A deafening silence, even when the Mayor in office decided, after the suspension regime, to allow him to exercise his powers even when he was still subject to residency obligations. Let me be clear, the innocence or guilt of the councilor is not in question here: the justicialist spirit has never animated us, we are guaranteed until death and we firmly support the principle of the presumption of innocence, according to which a person he is to be considered innocent until finally convicted. In a delicate and serious situation, we left only those who had the power to definitively revoke or reassign those delegations to express their opinion on the evaluation of the political opportunity profiles: the mayor Franz Caruso and the political forces that support him and who have assumed the responsibilities of the their choices in front of the city”.