Cosenza says goodbye to “Chen Pho Than”, Pino Gallo a piece of the city's history: a life between politics and painting


By John

He died prematurely Pino Galloknown in the artistic and political circles of the Bruzio capital as “Chen Pho Than” for his history of militancy in the extra-parliamentary left in the distant 70s of the last century. Gallo, painter and writer, was a character of local culture and a protagonist, in his own way, of the life of the Bruzia city. Irreverent, rebellious by nature, “Chen” dedicated publications full of ideas and insights to the years of protest, to that “68” to which he was sentimentally linked. However, painting remained his great love: he was passionate about paintings and he never missed an opportunity to illustrate their contents and hidden meaning to the many friends who enriched his life.
Gallo was a simple, humble and free man and this is how the population remembers him. And so he will forever be remembered not only by those who were his fighting companions, by his brothers in art and writing, but by all the people of Cosenza who were undoubtedly fond of him. The painter and writer was the character of an era that he continued to represent every day during the discussions that he organized along the open-air museum with the intellectuals and scholars with whom he surrounded himself. In the next few days Pino Gallo will be remembered – as he deserves – with a public initiative.