The diamond is still rough, but the love of the fans shines: “Reggina is us”


By John

“Reggina is us”. The most significant message coming from Locri is the one launched by the Amaranth fans. At least 1500 people from Reggio (considering the two sectors) have moved to follow a team that officially doesn’t even bear the name that the supporters love (and it is not, at the moment, the fault of anyone gravitating around the current club). The game was played in the province of Reggio Calabria, but over an hour and a half’s drive from the capital and the mobilization seen was by no means a given. Going from admiring Ménez’s plays to following the amateurs is an effort that is made only out of love and a deep sense of belonging, because the shirt goes beyond the logic of sport as entertainment.
Lfa Reggio Calabria and the property are today the custodians of this emotional heritage and their responsibility is to make good use of it. Possibly acquiring the experience necessary to avoid choices that were liked, such as the one that gave the club an initial official name which is even the object of irony on the part of opposing fans. A misstep which, in a few months, can be corrected when there is the margin to make La Fenice Amaranto fly away definitively and take back its name and logo, with the associated economic effort to do so.
Putting yourself at the helm of Reggina is a position that brings honors and burdens. For now, the new management has mostly known the latter, both for the sustained economic efforts and for a reception that fluctuated only between lukewarm and icy. It couldn’t be otherwise, after the off-field epilogue of recent seasons.
Now, however, the time for preventive assessments is over. We think about current events and possibly the future. The team seen against San Luca gave the idea of ​​having above average quality peaks, to the point of almost not giving the impression of being behind in physical preparation compared to their opponents.
The ranking, however, does not and will not take into account the impossibility of having the same starting point as the others. In a championship where there are four-five significantly stronger teams, the new Reggina has already left two points on the way against a splendid team from the Reggio area, but with evidently different objectives.
Everyone knows the extenuating circumstances. However, the feeling is that with a different attack, more capable of filling the area, there would have been room to win. Trocini’s squad doesn’t even have an attacker who has shown in his career that he can find the net with ease. Rosseti is a superior category profile, but does not offer the certainty of being a double-digit striker (even though he could be one).
There is no shortage of free agents, even important ones. The first strikers sector remains an area where substantial economic efforts are needed. Adding one (or maybe even two) pieces in that position in the shortest possible time would be the certification of the ambitions of winning this championship.
Also because, although today it is far from probable considering the conditions and the opponents, not doing so would certainly not be synonymous with a season to be considered positive. The good news is that the company is still active on the market and could still offer some surprises.