Cosenza, there will be a reshuffle of the Executive but after the green light for the Budget


By John

It will probably be discussed after the approval of the budget, scheduled for mid-September. The council reshuffle feared by the mayor, Franz Caruso, it’s not that urgent. In the sense that the relaunch of administrative action is considered necessary approximately two years after the vote, but the change does not promise to be radical.
Perhaps some pawns will leave to make room for any new entries, without, however, distorting the current institutional structure, also considering that the team of councilors is made up almost entirely of elected representatives. There are rumours, rather, of a reshuffling of delegations, so that certain sectors experience the necessary push so desired by the mayor himself, who, 24 months after the vote for the takeover of Palazzo dei Bruzi, intends to make a decisive turning point in terms of the works to be completed, maintaining faith in the program submitted to the community during the election campaign. In shortthe political balance will remain almost unchanged, without prejudice to the prerogatives of the tenant of the Municipality determined to take every decision in full autonomy but at the same time dealing with all the components of the centre-left majority.