Taibi reveals the background of Saladini’s Reggina: “First asked for a top market, then an about-face”


By John

Massimo Taibi speaks again. He does it in a press conference talking about the past and also about the future. The step went to the 2022-2023 season and to the month of June, which was followed by a radical change of philosophy. “We agreed – explained the sporting director – to create a team that could survive with a budget of 7 million. Then within 24 hours they changed strategy, informing me that they had signed Pippo Inzaghi and that the budget had been doubled”. And then the turning point: “On 2 January, Saladini urged me to intervene on the market in an important way. I had blocked five important players. then after a few days I was told that it was necessary to back off due to problems with the liquidity index and homologous. As a businessman I have adapted. From that moment on, the team began to feel pressure. Nobody ever explained to us what was happening, they told us that the penalty points received would be reversed and then you can understand how much discouragement was created within the team. “On June 21st – he explained – we learned through the media of failure to pay and everything that has happened” And on the future about which it has been said for some time that the sporting director would be ready to start again with one of the business groups ready to restart football in Reggio. “Taibi – he highlighted – has no consortium. I am a sports director, I was approached by teams who asked me for availability and I said that for me Reggio has no category.. This is to clarify because it is read that I bring teams”. On the future of Reggina and future expressions of interest: “I know from hearsay that there are various interests. The people who have looked for me are working to create something important, because I have specified that I am there for a strong group. They are available to Reggio, not to a single group. Anyone who has a serious project, I will be available to the city. ”.