Counter-exodus, new measures are taken in Messina to avoid the blockade


By John

The occasion of the delivery of four new motorcycles to the Municipal Police department yesterday was also useful for being able to face the delicate issue of counter-exodus management. Let’s start with the time coordinates. The forecasts are that the first restarts could take place over the very long weekend that begins on August 18, but the highlight is expected for the next one, on August 25th. Very long, because the tendency is to spread departures over 4 days, with peaks between Friday and the following Monday.

The situation of extra-urban mobility this year is different from the already complex one of previous years. In fact, with the development of the works on the Ritiro viaduct, the Giostra junction is no longer available for those coming from Palermo. This means that all the flow will be concentrated on the bottle. Even those who only have to go to the north of the city.
«For this reason I will bring to the table a proposal – says Commander Blasco – which can help traffic. That of letting those who have to embark and come from Catania go out to Giostra. So we divide the traffic on the two routes. One on the Boccetta and one on the Giostra. But the last word belongs to the Cas and the Polstrada».

Meanwhile, the “anti-exodus” traffic plan has been “dusted off”, which last year had a good response by easing the burden of queues in the city. For vehicles arriving from the Boccetta, when the queue for boarding passes the Prefecture, a “tour” is triggered which extends the journey and avoids the blockade of the city. The cars are directed onto via Garibaldi, in one or two lanes, and then turned around at the Municipality. In cases of extreme necessity, this detour would take place in via I Settembre with the route continuing from the curtain wall of the Port.