Creators economy, the first laboratory in Italy will launch in January


By John

From the web to social media there are many success stories that we come across in our daily lives.

The real numbers communicate a digital industry within which very heterogeneous professionalisms move: specific, defined as highly competent. One thing is certain: in every form of digital, lasting success is never accidental. Talent, consistency in dedication and strategic ability are essential elements for those who look up. The rest, as they say in the community, is rubbish.
In this framework, there is a wide range of training proposals aimed at students, recent graduates and digital professionals which in recent years, not only in Italy, has consolidated itself within a very competitive market. Which, however, still presents unexplored niches with very high potential.

This is why, from an idea by Piero Armenti – one of the most influential Italians on the web, journalist and writer – Beclay Agency and the CeSMA “Advanced Metrological and Technological Services Center” of the Federico II University of Naples, through its laboratory Societing Lab, propose the innovative course with the scientific direction of prof. Alex Giordano on the Creators Economy: a segment in full development, which has come to fuel an economy of over 100 billion dollars a year generated worldwide by over 50 million creators.

A dynamic course, with a strong laboratory connotation; Creators Factory, in fact, positions itself as the first highly qualified laboratory on the topic of the Creators Economy.
An important opportunity for growth and improvement for creators of content for themselves or, an increasingly widespread professionalism, for brands, SMEs, international, national and local institutional bodies.

There is already a start date: January 2024; teaching location will be the Technological Center of the Federico II University in San Giovanni a Teduccio of Naples, in one of the places of academic, cultural and experiential contamination considered as the largest urban regeneration project in Europe.

The names of some teachers and creators who have joined the project are also already official.
Obviously Piero Armenti, creator with Giovanni Cavaliere and Alex Giordano (scientific director of the project, professor of Digital Transformation at the Federico II University of Naples and pioneer among the most appreciated digital professionals in the world).

It is Armenti himself who defines the genesis of a project that many professionals and academics have decided, with conviction, to support: «many people, in the States and in Italy, contact me to ask me how I built my career as a successful creator. Just talking about my case, I understood that there is a great thirst for learning in this field, but that there was not yet a course tailor-made for ambitious professionals, capable of looking at the medium and long term and willing to invest in their training and growth. professional”.

A mini-review of events leading up to the start date of the course is already planned: the first – of this exciting Creators Factory Roadshow – is set for September 17th at the Teatro Verdi in Salerno and will be Creators, Influencers & Food System. It’s all a question of knowledge.
The event is part of the schedule of the national event AGRIFOOD FUTURE, organized by Unioncamere and the Salerno Chamber of Commerce with the contribution of the Campania Region, the collaboration of the Municipality of Salerno and the patronage of the Province of Salerno, the Ministry of ‘Agriculture, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Made in Italy, which will see in Salerno between 16 and 20 September 2023 all the best institutions, scientific and technological research united for the future of the Made in Italy food system.

Organized by Beclay Agency and moderated by Alex Giordano, Piero Armenti, Gino Sorbillo, Vincenzo Falcone and Giovanni Cavaliere will participate.

A course that was really missing. Which starts from southern Italy and reaches all the way to America and which is also an important opportunity for companies that want to award a scholarship to their employees or to deserving young people and/or professionals, to be rewarded with an experience of undisputed value to perfect their own skills as social media manager, content creator, digital marketing specialist, communication & PR manager, community manager.
Professions and jobs not of the future, but current and constantly changing.