Crotone is no longer able to win: it ends 2-2 with Taranto. Gomez is not enough


By John

25’pt and 32’st (rig) Gomez, 17’st and 24’st Kanoute
CROTONE (3-4-2-1): Dini 6; Battistini 6.5, Gigliotti 6, Loiacono 6 (28’st Comi 6); Rispoli 6.5, D’Angelo 6, Vitale 6 (28’st Felippe 5.5), Giron 6; Kostadinov 5.5 (1st D’Ursi 5.5), Tribuzzi 6; Gomez 7. Coach Zauli 6
TARANTO (3-5-2): Vannucchi 6; Riggio 6, Miceli 6, Panico 5.5 (1’st Enrici 6); Valietti 6, Calvano 6, Matera 6 (26’st Fiorani 6), Zonta 5.5 (1’st De Marchi 6), Ferrara 6; Kanoute 7(45’st Orlando sv), Simeri 5.5 (1’st Bifulco 6). All. Capuano 6.
REFEREE: Zanotti of Rimini 5.
NOTE: 1′ of silence observed for the tragedy in Florence. Tickets n 802 grossing 4,650. Subscribers n 3,341 accrual 10,710. Total titles 4,143 collections 15,360. Booked: D’Angelo, Calvano, Gomez, Kanoute, Valietti. Corners 8-3 for Crotone. Recoveries 1′ st and 6′ st

CROTONE – Third consecutive draw for Zauli’s Crotone who just can’t win. This time at the “Scida” it is Capuano’s Taranto who regain the result, even if on points the Pythagoreans would have deserved something more. Everything happens at the “Scida” with the Pythagoreans passing in the 25th minute thanks to Gomez’s goal, his twelfth of the season. In the second half, Taranto wasn’t there, they pressed and did everything they could to close the gap, managing to do so in the 17th minute with Kanoute. The same attacker from Taranto, after 7′, in a suspected offside position scored his personal brace, giving the Apulians the lead. On the reversal in front, foul on Comi and penalty for the Pythagoreans. Gomez presents himself on the spot, but Vannucchi neutralizes. It happens again and this time the rossoblu attacker doesn’t make a mistake, scoring the equalizer. The two teams do everything they can to try to win the match but in the end it ends 2-2 at the “Scida”, with Crotone left with a bitter taste in their mouths.