Calabria’s stakes on Autonomy


By John

The process of discussion with the territories on the topic of differentiated autonomy and on the essential levels of performance of the Parliamentary Commission for Regional Issues began in Calabria, in Catanzaro. The Prefecture of the regional capital thus hosted the bicameral body chaired by the Forza Italia senator Francesco Silvestro which among its members includes two Calabrians: the Forza Italia deputy Giovanni Arruzzolo and the Democratic senator Nicola Irto.

Political and institutional representatives, trade union representatives and those of entrepreneurs will be listened to. What emerged, despite the different political nuances, was a position common to all those audited: no substantial prejudicial position towards differentiated autonomy, provided that, before talking about it, the essential levels of performance, the infamous Lep, are actually financed.

At the end of the afternoon session, the President of the Regional Council quantified the figure that would be necessary to find to give shape and substance to differentiated autonomy. Roberto Occhiuto: «Connected to the theme of differentiated autonomy is the financing of social and civil rights, exceeding historical expenditure. So, I believe that 70/80 billion will be needed to carry out this project and make the agreements, otherwise what are we talking about?”. Occhiuto then underlined how differentiated autonomy is “only a possibility offered by the Constitution”.