Crotone, reclamation and waste. Mayor Voce warns: if you change Paur, you need boundaries


By John

«If the current one changes Fear (regional provision which requires the waste coming from the reclamation of the former industrial site to be disposed of outside Calabria), then provisions must be included constraints, a maximum limit on the capacity of the site that will host the waste”. The mayor of Crotone, Vincenzo Vocefears that once the transfer of special waste to the Crotone landfill has been authorized Columbrathen “new expansions of the site's capacity can be requested, with the excuse of the need for further volumes”.
And he says it without half measures in the briefing that precedes the inspection of the Sin areas by the commissioner for reclamation, Emilio Errigoand of the soldiers of the Army and Carabinieri departments specialized in the environment and health protection that the commissioner himself summoned to Crotone.

Even if no one says it openly, in fact, it now seems clear that the decision to remove the only obstacle (Fear, in fact) that prevents Eni Rewind from disposing of the waste removed a few kilometers away in Columbra was taken. Errigo himself implicitly confirms this when he states that «we must be reasonable, see which is the lesser evil, which is certainly not leaving waste on the beach», and then adds: «The waste must be where the law requires, and if the law has authorized a hazardous waste landfill in Calabria, or in other parts of Italy, then those are the suitable locations.”