Crotone, S. Giorgio basins: the work is canceled. The city remains exposed to the water crisis


By John

The restoration of the two tanks in the San Giorgio area to deal with the periodic water emergencies that occur in Crotone is no longer among the projects that will be financed by Eni. The Municipality, in drawing up the second annual plan of interventions to be carried out with the resources that the multinational company will provide, excluded from the list the construction and activation of the tanks which were supposed to reduce the inconveniences linked to the continuous breakages of the water pipes. And the reason for this decision is easy to tell. Sorical is expected to take over the management of the integrated water cycle in the city in 2024 – which is currently controlled by the investee Congesi – and this would have led the organization to shell out just under 2 million euros for an asset whose ownership is destined to pass into the hands of the Calabrian Water Resources Company.
This explains the step backwards by the administration led by the mayor, Vincenzo Voce, with the allocation of the funds intended for the two San Giorgio tanks to other works that will always be supported by the state enterprise. Which, as you will remember, in December 2022 signed a collaboration agreement with the Municipality with which it committed to paying, over five years, a total of 16 million and 750 thousand euros into the municipal coffers following the upgrade – which took place until last summer – marine methane extraction activities.