The Rafah crossing closes after the aid passes through, no one leaves. The Israeli army “Ready for the next phase by land”, Hamas wants to “close the civilian hostages file”


By John

The number of deaths in Gaza has risen to 4,385, of which 1,756 minors and 976 women. This was announced by the Gaza Ministry of Health, quoted by the media. The injured are 13,561.

Army, there are 210 hostages: “Inform the families”

There are currently 210 hostage families that the army has informed, adding and removing people based on “intelligence information”. Military spokesman Daniel Hagari said this, confirming that Israel’s priority objective is to bring them all home. According to Hagari, 307 Israeli soldiers have fallen so far since the Hamas attack began.

“Almost 7 thousand rockets launched from Gaza into Israel”

Almost 7,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza against Israel since the Hamas attack on October 7th. The Israeli army made this known, explaining that around 450 of these fell within the Strip. According to the same source – two weeks after the attack – over 1,000 “terrorists were neutralised, many of them after having infiltrated Israel”. “Dozens – he added – of Hamas terrorist leaders eliminated”.