Crotone, the moment of reflection. Tumminello: «We wasted a lot»


By John

After the bitter home defeat against Turris, Crotone will resume preparation this afternoon in view of the match away to Virtus Francavilla, scheduled for Sunday at 8.45pm. «The statistics say that we shot 24 times, they shot 3 – declares the rossoblù striker Marco Tumminello – they were more cynical, we wasted a lot. Me first and foremost in the first half. But we created a lot and showed that, even when we were two goals down in the first half, we came back aware that we could turn it around. We tried until the end.”
We are very sorry for the defeat also because we wanted to give continuity to the success of the first day achieved at Catania.
«In Catania it was a completely different race, perhaps the most difficult that could have happened to us on the first day. We played the game we had to play, the events were on our side, but not against Turris>>.
The Pythagorean striker scored his first league goal of the season. «I’m happy to have unlocked myself at the “Scida”, I’m doing well compared to other years, little by little I’m getting into better and better shape. Who do I dedicate the goal to? To my dog ​​who died, to my daughter and my grandfather.”
But now it’s time to think about the next match in the championship: the away match at Virtus Francavilla.
«It will be even more difficult to play on that field, we know that an even more difficult match awaits us than the previous one, even if everyone in this group is difficult. But we are aware that we can and must still improve a lot through the daily work we do. Aware that if we play as we know how, it will be tough for everyone.”