School sizing in Reggio, Metrocity in comparison with mayors and school directors


By John

The discussion has begun between the Metropolitan City, the mayors of the district and the school directors of the institutes of the four homogeneous areas on the organization of the new school network to be built based on the guidelines provided by the Region on sizing for the years 2024/2025.

«Concertation is more indispensable than ever, considering the Region’s planning which has foreseen the cancellation of 17 institutions in the metropolitan area of ​​Reggio. From 92 we move to 75, considering 22 institutions which currently register fewer than 600 students. A choice that takes into account pre-pandemic numbers and risks penalizing our communities to a great extent.” This is what the acting metropolitan mayor said, Carmelo Versace, in presenting the first of four appointments involving administrators and garrisons from the Piana, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian area and Locride. «Despite everything – continued Versace – we want to develop a plan that takes into very strong consideration the stimuli coming from individual territories. We want to give the right answers to even the smallest institute in the smallest municipality to better face the next school year.”

In addition to the acting mayor Versace, the conference cycle was attended by the councilor delegate for education, Rudi Lizzi, the officials and the sector manager, Maria Teresa Scolaro. Lizzi also said he was “extremely satisfied” with the work carried out by Palazzo Alvaro. «We are collecting necessities, needs and proposals from the voice of those who live and work in the territories and in individual educational institutions», explained Lizzi, speaking of «a dimensioning which will mainly concern managers and administrative staff without affecting the schools attended by students students.”

«For our boys and girls – he explained – very little will change. However, we must adhere to the rather stringent guidelines dictated by the Calabria Region.” «Therefore – concluded Lizzi – every contribution provided by the main actors involved in this reorganization process will be precious to build the best possible school. It is a very heavy commitment and, for this reason, I can only thank the manager Scolaro and all the staff in the sector for the precise and detailed work examined by the administration and our territories. My gratitude is addressed, above all, to the mayors and school managers for the precious support made available to our offices.”