Cutro, the recognition of the national award “Le Muse” to the “Kryta” association


By John

Among the various artists from various parts of Italy who have received the prestigious national prize “The Muses” also figure thecutrise association “Kryta” Art Culture and Entertainment. The awards ceremony was held in Oppido Mamertina as part of the 9th edition of the “Oppido Cultura e Musica” event with the “Le Muse” award, organized by the Kiwanis Club Palmi – Piana di Gioia Tauro.

For years, the Cutro Kryta association has brought theatrical works and comedies to the stage, including the musical “Esmeralda alla Corte dei Miracolo”, taken from the famous “Notre Dame de Paris”. A part of the cast (Giuseppe Gallella, Salvatore Macri, Marzia Ruggieri, Isabella Belfiore) performed a medley taken from the aforementioned opera, enthralling those present. The president is very satisfied Marzia Ruggieri who proudly expressed the enthusiasm of the whole association for the award received and for having represented the passion of young people who still believe in enhancing their land through love for art. I thank the Kiwanis Club Palmi organization, added Ruggieri, for having honored us with the Le Muse award, which has certainly given us many stimuli to develop and propose new artistic projects”.